Our purpose is to visualize and simplify marketing strategies through knowledge- and fact-driven data!

About us

Marketing Agency with a clear focus

Fueled was founded from the idea to create order in the digital chaos. We noticed a lot of companies get lost in the gazillion opportunities in todays digital landscape.

This ignited the flame 🔥and we started building on a solution to develop a strategy tool with visual and simple templates, easy to follow and implement.

Besides developing these tools, we also implement them together with our clients. End result: In the end everyone in the organization should be able to maintain the marketingactivities.



Find out how we do things

When simplifying processes, it's necessary to work according to a strict approach. Find out our main steps here. Questions? Shoot!

Buyer personas

Get to know your audience. Who do we need to reach and convince?

Customer Journeys

Where and when do we want to reach them? And with what kind of content?

Goals & Targets

What is it we want to achieve and measure? What are the goals and targets? And let's define some KPI's!

Fueled Plan

How are we going to do this in a practical way? What are the actions and step we need to take?


Ready to fuel your business? Reach out to us!